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April 2023:  Dominus Surrexit!

Upcoming Events


Last Fish Taco Friday:  3/31 at
St. Charles Parish.  To help, contact John Christman at [email protected]

March 30: Palm cutting 3:30 PM next to St. Michael portable. Bring gloves and cutting tools. In case of rain, meet at the St. Michael Breezeway.  It should take about an hour. Point of contact is Br. Manny Figueiredo 925-409-5108.
March 30:  Council Meeting at St. Michael Large Hall (NOTE SPECIAL DATE).  Dinner at 6:30 PM, main meeting at 7 PM.
April 21:  Red, Blue and Gold Banquet
April 27:  7 PM Officers' and Directors' Meeting, St. Michael Portable
May 4:  Council Meeting at St. Charles

Elderly Knights and Widows Outreach

If you have been a member of our Council but have not been able join us for health reasons, or if you are the widow of one of our Knights, our Council would like to re-establish contact with you.  Feel free to send an email to [email protected] so that we can reach you.