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December:  Come, Lord Jesus!

The Nativity by Giotto

Week of Dec. 12:  Christmas Baskets for Poor Families!

The point of contact for these events is Dennis Lundbom at [email protected] and (775) 772-6369.

This week we are working on our Christmas baskets for poor families.

During week we need help wrapping presents, moving items from our portable to the St. Michael Hall.

We also need Hams, in particular spiral Hams. These can be delivered to the Large Hall Thursday from 3-7 PM and Friday 4-6 PM.

On Saturday, we will be sending out the presents to the families.
At 7 AM we need some Knights to help prepare.
At 9 AM will need Knights to deliver to families. Deliveries continue until we are done.

December 17:  Help Bar tend a party 4 to 10 PM at St. Michael Large Hall

The point of contact for this event is Dennis Lundbom at [email protected] and (775) 772-6369.



Elderly Knights and Widows Outreach

If you have been a member of our Council but have not been able join us for health reasons, or if you are the widow of one of our Knights, our Council would like to re-establish contact with you.  Feel free to send an email to [email protected] so that we can reach you.